Announcing Anthony Di Iorio Joins Advisory Board of

Announcing Anthony Di Iorio Joins Advisory Board of

1st November, 2017 – Decentral Community Space – TORONTO – Decentral Inc, home of the Jaxx Blockchain Interface and the Decentral Community announced today that Anthony Di Iorio, co-founder of Ethereum and CEO of Decentral Inc, has joined the Presearch Board of Advisors.

The team at are building a decentralized and community-driven search engine intended to disrupt the multi-billion dollar internet search industry. Already in use since 2013 as an internal tool, Presearch launches their public beta on November 9th, allowing anyone to search multiple engines including Amazon and Google. Anthony Di Iorio has joined Presearch’s advisory board to help guide the development of its blockchain-based service. Presearch has generated more than $12 million in revenue from its ongoing token sale.

Anthony commented, “I’m a believer in the power of decentralized technologies to disrupt and improve a wide variety of existing markets. The Presearch team have a novel approach to the massive search-engine market with their blockchain-enabled community-driven approach.” Presearch’s transparent ranking factors combine human curation with scalable machine learning, a contrast to manipulated algorithm-driven methods standard among today’s industry giants. In a world in which one company controls 77 percent of all searches, influencing trillions in spending and acting as a primary gatekeeper to the Internet, proponents of decentralized technologies see a pressing need for a community-driven search engine.

Anthony continued, “The power of blockchain technology lies in its real-world use cases, and Presearch demonstrates this with a compelling alternative to search engines run by global corporations,” said Anthony Di Iorio. “I look forward to using Presearch myself, and advocating for its growth in the blockchain community and beyond.”

Presearch’s advisory board also includes internet pioneer, Rich Skrenta, who sold his search engine Blekko to IBM Watson; open-source search innovator Trey Grainger, SVP of Engineering at Lucidworks; and leading technology lawyer Addison Cameron-Huff, whose experience includes working with Ethereum’s founding team.


Anthony Di Iorio is co-founder of Ethereum and is CEO of Decentral Inc, makers of the multi-asset blockchain interface. Anthony is an active investor focused on early-stage businesses using blockchain and decentralized technologies to disrupt existing markets. Find more on Anthony, Decentral and Jaxx on and


Presearch is the first open, decentralized search engine built to reward transparency and community participation. Presearch operates with transparent ranking factors allowing content creators to access a level playing field. The Presearch platform is scheduled to launch in beta on November 9, 2017. For more information, please visit and read the company’s white paper.