Setting the record straight about Anthony Diiorio’s name

There’s a lot of confusion surrounding the correct spelling and pronunciation of my name. So I’d like to take the time to settle this once and for all. It’s Anthony Diiorio.

As in, Anthony Diiorio, co-founder of Ethereum. And Anthony Diiorio, Founder and CEO of Decentral and Jaxx. Anthony Diiorio, huge fan of Office Space and Half BakedBut if you do a quick search online, you’ll find my name spelled all kinds of different ways. Some are pretty creative. Most are inaccurate. 

The problem stems from sans-serif, which is the most prevalent type of font for text displayed on a computer or mobile screen. Interestingly, the term ‘sans serif’ is French for ‘without uncertainty.’ And yet, there are two letters that, when displayed in typical sans-serif mode, are identical: capital ‘I’ and lowercase ‘L.’ This is the main source of uncertainty around the proper spelling of my last name.

modern sans serif font letters metal
Sans serif does not have extending features (called ‘serifs’) at the end of strokes

You see, the original spelling is Di Iorio, which contains a capital ‘I,’ which is almost always mistaken for an ‘L.’

I’ve been at conferences where I’ve been introduced as ‘DiLorio.’ In fact, a lot of people know me as ‘DiLorio’ if they’ve only ever seen my name in print. It’s confusing and it’s not accurate.

So, for the record, it is spelled Anthony Diiorio.

While we’re at it, let’s discuss how it’s pronounced, which is actually the easy part.

Anthony Di Iorio
Anthony Diiorio wants to clear up the confusion surrounding his last name

It rhymes with Oreo. Yes, as in Oreo cookie. Think of it like ‘dee plus Oreo.’ Diiorio.

Getting this right is key. For myself, personally, as well as for Decentral, the company, and all of our other properties and partners. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Sincerely, Anthony Diiorio

“A person’s name is one of the very few things someone truly owns. Setting the record straight on Anthony’s name is important for the company’s sake, and also to properly anecdote the vital contributions he has already made to the blockchain and crypto industry, in addition to his vision to empower people to be in control of their lives.” – Jay Dingwall, Branding expert & CEO of Famous Folks

Decentral Inc. and Gowling WLG Form Strategic Blockchain Alliance

Decentral logo blockchain news

Collaboration to pave way for responsible growth of Canadian blockchain sector

Decentral Gowling strategic blockchain alliance
Decentral Inc. and Gowling WLG form historic strategic blockchain alliance

Decentral, Canada’s leading blockchain company and the creator of Jaxx, and Gowling WLG, a multinational law firm and leader in the blockchain space, have today announced a strategic alliance to optimize the many commercial and legal applications of blockchain technology.

The relationship will allow the two companies to fuse their expertise on a number of significant initiatives. From engineering practical smart contract technology and drafting foundational legal precedents documents, to helping regulators establish frameworks that encourage the responsible growth of Canada’s thriving blockchain sector.

Based in Toronto, Decentral is one of Canada’s most recognizable blockchain companies. Its Founder and CEO, Anthony Diiorio, co-founded Ethereum. Decentral’s flagship product is Jaxx, a cryptocurrency wallet and multi-token blockchain interface.

Diiorio believes the alliance is a sign that the blockchain space is rapidly progressing. “Decentral’s relationship with Gowling WLG spans a number of years, and we are delighted to form an alliance that enables us to work even closer together on a number of transformative blockchain industry initiatives. Canada is one of the leaders on the world stage for blockchain and cryptocurrency and I am confident Decentral’s strategic alliance with Gowling WLG will further cement the country’s place as an innovation hub,” said Diiorio.

Two blockchain leaders unite

Usman Sheikh, Head of Gowling WLG’s Blockchain & Smart Contracts Group, said:  “Decentral is a major player on the world blockchain stage. As Gowling WLG continues to assert itself as the Canadian legal industry’s blockchain torchbearer, our collaboration with Decentral will ensure our clients have access to the cutting-edge tools and forward-looking expertise needed to succeed in an increasingly competitive landscape.”

As part of the agreement, Decentral will help Gowling WLG develop its internal blockchain infrastructure and client-facing tools. Gowling WLG will provide comprehensive legal guidance on Decentral’s current practices and ongoing projects.

Canada emerges as leader in blockchain

Decentral’s President Addison Cameron-Huff said: “This alliance demonstrates Canada’s leadership in the blockchain space — a winning combination of a world-class blockchain software team plus a best-of-breed legal team. Together, Gowling WLG and Decentral will help to refine and architect the burgeoning Canadian blockchain industry, lifting the technology to new heights.”