Decentral Inc is Hiring: What to Expect in a Job Interview with Decentral

Decentral is Hiring - what to expect in a job interview with Decentral

Decentral Inc is Hiring: What to Expect in a Job Interview with Decentral

Decentral Inc. is Canada’s leading blockchain company. We opened our doors on January 1st 2014 with the introduction of Canada’s first two-way Bitcoin ATM. Later that same month the Ethereum Project was born out of our downtown Toronto office. Today our hearty team of 24 develops, delivers, and supports our flagship product the Jaxx Blockchain Interface. The Jaxx user base is growing rapidly and recently passed 450,000 active users.Our team is growing right along with it.

We have a variety of open job searches running for new team members in our Development, Customer Support, Project Management and Business Development departments.

We’d like to help you put your best foot forward in your application to any of our open jobs. Here is a brief overview of our hiring process:  

First, after reviewing our career page, we ask you reach out to us via with a copy of your most recent resume. We strive to make the interview process simple and comfortable.

We will screen each and every application.

If there’s a match between your skills and our team’s needs we’ll respond to arrange a preliminary phone call. It will be a casual 15 to 20 minute chat with you to discuss relevant information about Decentral, the position, your background, and your contributions. We are most interested in the work from your past that you’re proud of. Tell us about obstacles overcome, code that exceeded expectations, awards, user growth, or customer satisfaction metrics you’ve helped achieve. Tell us also about yourself; what kind of environment motivates you? What type of learner are you? Why are you interested in the role you’ve applied to?

All information that is shared in the preliminary phone call will be shared with the hiring team.

If you are selected for an in person interview, you will be asked to meet a peer and manager in person to further discuss your background and motivations in more detail. To help facilitate the discussion with you and the team, you may be asked to prepare a personal portfolio. This will act as a guide to discuss your accomplishments and future goals.

We’re looking for creative, productive, positive people interested in joining us on our mission to bring blockchain tech to the everyday user. We’re rooting for you to join us, so even if you don’t see a role today ideal for you, do send us a general application that details your unique set of skills.

We look forward to meeting you!